This is us

Both Colleen and Mindy, stay at home mom's at the time, started their friendship with kids around the same age, involved in the same activities and husbands who worked around the clock. Their weekly meet-ups turned into dinner (Mexican & skinny margs) with kids and then the common goal of wanting to get fit. They did cross-fit, hot yoga, bootybarre, hiking, and eventually found and stuck with OrangeTheory (check it out sometime).

Soon their daily routine of fitness started to develop into quick business startup chats, and within a few months, M&C Collective was born. They dove in head first and really wanted to create a space where they could use their skills (other than stellar parenting) they had before raising a family.

Because Colleen had a Design background and Mindy an exquisite sense of Fashion, they hoped that by bringing their passions together they could develop a space where other ladies could look to for lifestyle ideas and advice...and of course, shop!