Garden Party Bridal Shower

I don't know if I am getting more sentimental in my old age or if I've always been this sappy about weddings and traditions. But this past Sunday my older sister and I threw my younger sister a garden party themed bridal shower. It was a ton of fun planning it and figuring out just how we wanted the party to look but then I really started to feel the pressure of how it needed to be "just right." This after all will the last of the sisters to get married. And she is the BABY, the one I got to hold as a 10 year old, the perfect little sister every girl my age dreamed of having. And now, in exactly 1 month, that little baby will be getting married! See what I mean about pressure?!

So I really needed it to be perfect and I have to say, it all looked pretty spot on! Check out the pics below, we did a great job staying in our budget and making it pretty amazing at the same time.