Friday Fitspo: Cardio Circuit Workout

Need a quick HIT Style workout that burns calories, uses only a treadmill and body weight, and gets you in and out of the gym in less than an hour? Read on for this killer routine Colleen and I did last week.

You will need a treadmill, a mat and an area to do body-weight movements. If you don't have a treadmill, run outside! You can always skip incline and add speed or find local hills to run in your area. Don't want to run? Walk and increase suggested incline by 2% each cycle.

1. Start your treadmill at a 1-1.5 incline and choose a comfortable speed to warm-up. I usually start at a 4.0 and walk briskly. Stay at this pace for 4 minutes. 

2. Next, increase incline to 3.0 and your speed to a quick jog. I usually add between one to two miles onto my initial 4.0 walking pace. Stay at this pace until you reach .3 miles on the treadmill. STOP treadmill and grab your mat.

3. Speed Skaters. 20 total. These are quick lateral lunge movements alternating side to side. Keep your chest lifted and bend at the waist. Try to tap your alternating fingertips to the ground as you switch sides. You can modify these by shortening the length of your stride or moving at a slower pace as you alternate.  See pic below:

4. Hop back on the treadmill. Set the incline to 4.0 and resume a brisk jog/run. Everyone's jog/run pace is different but I like to do 6-6.3 for reference. Run for .4 miles.

5. Stop your treadmill and head back to your mat for 20 pop jacks. These are squats with a half pivot turn. Face front and squat low, explode out of the squat and make a half turn to your right ending in a second squat. 10 on each side. Modify theses by skipping the jump and slowly pivoting from side to side or simply do 20 squats in place.  See pic below: 

6. Next you are back on the treadmill. Set the incline to 5% and resume your jog/run. Run .5 miles.

7.Hop off your treadmill and return to your mat for alternating one arm planks. Assume a high plank position, not on your forearms. Tummy tight, back straight. Alternate lifting one arm and tapping the opposite shoulder. 30 total. See pic below:

7. Head back to the treadmill. Set your incline to 6% and jog/run .6 miles. 

8. Back to the mat for mountain climbers. Resume your high plank position. Bring your knees in one at a time to touch your elbows. Keep  your back straight and core engaged. 24 total. See pic below:

9. Return to the treadmill for a final sprint. This should be your fastest pace yet. Sprint for 90 seconds at a 3% incline. Slow down to a walk at a 1% incline for 4 minutes to recover. 

10. Make sure to stretch and hydrate. Focus on stretching hamstrings and calves since you worked at an incline for the majority of the workout. 

We are not fitness instructors or trainers. This is just a fun workout we created to test our endurance by combining speed, incline and power moves in between... And to counter-balance the cocktails ahead of us this weekend. Happy Friday!

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