Mommy and Me: Shoes For You And Your Mini

Is it odd that I completely and quite frequently subscribe to the motto "Twinning Is Winning"? Maybe?! I've been known to show up to my BFF's house in the exact same pair of lululemon leggings or to our summer girls' vacay in the same swim suit. Unplanned but fully excited by the happy coincidence! It takes me right back to my middle school years when I would spend hours on the phone with my childhood bestie planning which biker shorts and neon tee combo we would wear or how to incorporate a twin look into our Halloween costumes. I guess old habits die hard. I waited 30 years to have a little girl of my own and when it comes to matching outfits or shoes, lets just say I'm all in. I've been known to shop in the kids shoe section at Target so I can get just the right look for both me and my mini and their ain't no shame in my game!! My littlest little loves to twin and is a willing participant, however I know my days are numbered. Soon we will graduate to the middle school years where she probably won't want to have anything to do with me, much less dress alike. In celebration of Mother's Day I thought I'd offer up a few fun coordinating looks for you and your little loves. Even if you aren't a twinning fan, there are some great options for you and the little ladies in your life at a mix of prices. How about those Stevie sandals that are an almost exact replica of the Valentino Rockstud sandals? At that price, I can snag those babies for both me and my girl and still have money left to grab us matching dresses! Happy shopping. XO