Scents For Every Mood

I love a good scent, be it a fragrant candle in the house, a certain type of dryer sheet or a poignant perfume. At home, I've recently been burning a watermelon lemonade candle from Bath & Bodyworks and it's giving me all the summer feels! I change around my perfume almost as frequently as my candles. Are you a one scent devotee or do you experiment with different fragrances depending on your mood? My mother and grandmother both had a signature scent. If I catch even a whiff of Shalimar by Guerlain, I immediately think of my mother getting ready for a night out in her big walk-in closet from my childhood home. I've rounded up some of my favorite fragrances below. Some are sweet, some are sultry, some are for everyday running around and some I only use for special occassions. Prefer to skip the perfume? I've also included some of my favorite candles to burn. "When there is scent, there is happiness."-Christian Dior