Decor Dilemma- Finding the Perfect Modern Sectional

Happy Monday! I'm switching it up this week and starting with Decor Dilemma today (instead of Wednesday) because my best friend from high school just bought a new house and needs help finding the perfect sectional for her and her new little family. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! So needless to say, she needs some help decorating her new home for her new baby. And she doesn't have the time...and probably too sleep deprived to go on the search!

So I am here to help. She gave me some specifics she needs in the sofa: it should probably be grey, it needs to be easily cleaned (new baby=mess maker), it cannot be made out of animal (vegan family) and it would be nice if it was low profile so it doesn't chop up the room.

So here I go! Off to find the perfect sectional...and here's what I found! My favorites in order from top to bottom: