Monkeying Around @ Monkey Bar- Arcadia, CA

When I say I go to the mall, what I really mean is I pound the pavement searching for steals, new and exciting trends and unique pieces to make my own. I consider shopping a sport and myself a consummate pro. All of this scouring and sleuthing can really deplete you. Luckily, I've found the perfect place to rest and refuel at The Westfield Santa Anita mall, Monkey Bar! This quaint little gem is tucked into the end of the outdoor promenade right next to Nordstrom's. I recently met some girlfriends there for apps and drinks and I'm already planning my next trip. The bar is bright and clean but the cocktails are what really steal the show. They are creative and festooned with the most beautiful garnishes. I tried the Velvet Hustler and it was like a summer garden poured into a highball. We sampled the nori fries, the mac and cheese and the asparagus. They were the perfect size to share and the addition of truffle oil, nori flakes and boursin cheese made them anything but basic bar food. Their happy hour pricing makes it easy to adhere to the proverb of the three wise monkeys, See no evil, Hear no evil & Speak no evil. In other words, have another one!


Happy Friday, Happy shopping, Happy hour!