Wallpaper Wednesday

Hey All! It's Wallpaper Wednesday!! I seriously love wallpaper but I am also deathly afraid of it after I had a wallpaper disaster when we remodeled our home. For me, wallpaper is PERMANENT! And that scares me to no end! We had beautiful Anthropologie wallpaper installed in our powder room, it was done incorrectly and looked terrible. We had to rip down and I took what I had left and framed it, we put it in the bathroom but ended up just painting the walls instead.

With that said, my new love is removable wall paper (peel & stick to be precise). I am going to start working on our Parlor Room (yes, we have a parlor...it's an 1881 historic home) and I am thinking of using removable wallpaper from www.wallsneedlove.com check out some of their amazing options below if you want to wallpaper a room but are too scared...like me :) xxC