Summer Bedding- Lightweight Linens to Keep You Cool

Ok! So it's summer, we are hot, sweaty and tired! Who's ready to jump back in bed?! No one who's hot and sweaty, that's for sure! Bedding is so important for a good night's rest and being too hot can keep you up at night. There are 3 elements to think about when changing out your winter bedding for summer. 

1. Sheets! Make sure you take off those super cozy flannel or jersey sheets once it is gets hot outside. As nice as they feel when you first hop in bed, though the night your heat will build up and you will be ripping the sheets off you! I would choose a cotton set like the percale ones from Parachute (see pic below). Stay away from synthetic material and silk, I had a very bad experience with synthetic and they would literally slip off the bed in the middle of the night! NO GOOD! I just bought the percale sheet set from Parachute and I CANNOT WAIT to try them! 

2. Pick out a nice quilt, one that isn't too heavy. A little bit of weight is ok because you will just have a sheet and quilt over you, so you want a little bit of weight/warmth. Serena & Lily has beautiful options that will make you feel like summer should last all year! Martha Stewart is also a good option for classic quilts that are on trend but won't break the bank!

3. So, if you rolled your eyes at "pick out a nice quilt" here is a duvet option for you! Some people can't sleep without a duvet and I tend to like the fluffy warmth of a duvet as well. It just gives you that sleepy cozy feeling. BUT duvets come in all different weights. You should own two different duvets, one for winter, one for summer (you can figure out how you feel in spring and fall). A light weight duvet is key in the summer. It still looks beautiful and fluffy but it won't make you sweat your brains out while you sleep. Check out The Company Store for the perfect duvet (and pillows I might add) to give you a perfect night of sleep!

Enjoy and sleep well. xxC