Florals: Go Big Or Go Home

Beautiful flowers are the icing on the cake when it comes to wedding decor. They can really express your theme: A simple yet striking mix of blood red and white roses evokes old Hollywood glamour, sweet peas, lavender and fresh herbs create a more rustic vibe and a mix of pastel colored peonies and white ranunculus, like our beautiful bride's bouquet from yesterday, are the perfect accompaniment to a spring wedding. 

Flowers aren't always as easily mixed or incorporated in daily life. How do you add some florals into your wardrobe without looking like your 8th grade Laura Ashley loving self reincarnated?I turn to my 8 year old and his die-hard sports motto for some bold inspiration: GO BIG OR GO HOME! Own those moody floral maxis, those lush tropical swimsuits and those garden variety sandals. And don't be afraid to mix and match like you would with a freshly picked floral arrangement. Check out some of my current flowery faves below.

Happy Shopping.