Friday Fun Day @ Adventure Playground, Huntington Beach

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Wooohooo! This week we went a little further than usual and headed down to Huntington Beach, CA. I am a native OC girl so I know my way around the area but... I didn't know about this amazing place (ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND) was here! I'm not sure when they opened it but I am pretty sure it didn't exist when I was a kid. Although I grew up dancing, playing with barbies and was always drawn to anything "baby," I was one for getting dirty and running around with the boys occasionally. My daughter now is pretty much the same but she gets to enjoy more of this fun Tom Sawyer type play because well, let's face it...its acceptable now! Lucky her! 

Here at Adventure Playground you can hop on a wooden raft, paddle around a muddy lake, slide down a slick mud slide, walk the rope bridge and build things with wood, a hammer, nails and....wait for it...a saw!! Yikes! It's no mistake there aren't any pictures of the building area. All hands were on deck to make sure the kids were safe! Despite the fact I thought someone would get a nail in the foot, saw off a body part or accidentally whack someone else with a hammer, all the kids made it out without a scratch! And they LOVED it, they got to play on their own, adults can watch from the side and they just get to have fun with nature! It was really nice to see my kids play outside in this perfect Lord of the Flies type setting. 

I recommend everyone go at least once to see if it's for you and your kids. The best part is it's only $3 to enter!