Friday Fun Day: Overjoyed With Ojai

We did it!! My girlfriends and I have successfully upgraded our annual Mamas and Kids trip to a Vacay and I'm sharing all the details on our new go-to spot right here. You know the drill, TRIP= kid friendly resort, kid pool, chicken nuggets and other kid friendly food for 3 days straight, an hour of lifeguard duty (each) spent monitoring the insanity of the waterslide and maybe 1 magazine read between the three of us. VACAY=Gorgeous pool, alcoholic drinks with actual garnishes, golf carts to help schlep the 17 giant communal floats we have between us,  6 magazines enjoyed and 1 attached room designated as the KIDS ONLY space to spill snacks, store stinky socks and contain the excessive amount of water our minis can't seem to keep from spilling out of the bath. Where is this magical land of garnishes and golf carts? Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Known for its amazing and luxurious spa, gorgeous grounds and epic golf course, you might not immediately think of booking your next 6 kid vacation there but you would be totally missing out on a gem.


This is our second year descending on The Inn and it was just as perfect as we had remembered it. We spent our days lounging by the Pixie Pool. Don't let the petite name fool you, this family friendly oasis used to be the resorts adult pool, it is a generous size with great staff, delicious food, and amazing cocktails. The lavender lemonade is worth the trip alone, made with vodka, fresh batch lemonade and grown on-site lavender in the simple syrup. After a full day of pool and full bellys ( mamas too), we headed back to our rooms for some downtime. The resort is spread out, making it feel less crowded and golf cart shuttles run constantly so you can navigate the grounds easily. We lathered and lotioned up with the yummy in-room spa quality products and then made our way to the golf course for apps and impromptu dance parties. This is really the best part of the whole place. Low tables, comfy chairs, and fire pits are all set up adjacent to the on-site pub and within eyesight of the gorgeous wide-open golf course. The kids can frolick freely and safely on the greens while you order casual food and drinks from the attentive waiters. Everything is delivered right to your chosen lounging spot. As the sun sets, lanterns hung from the surrounding trees illuminate, making it easy to see the smores and ice creams purchased from the adorable on-site Libbeys sweet shop. When the last vestiges of light have disappeared along with the final drops of wine, you simply hop on a cart back to your room which has been tidied and turned down in anticipation of your homecoming. Make sure you stop to pinch yourself before your head actually hits the comfy pillows. Has it all been a beautiful lavender scented dream? Did we really enjoy all theses little luxuries and have actual adult conversation with 6 children in tow? Like I said... Vacay, baby, Vacay!!

XO, M.