Decor Dilemma: Styling Your Bed, While Keeping it Simple

Happy Wednesday Friends! So I am in the mindset that if it takes more than a minute (or two at the most) to make your bed in the morning, you are over styling your bed or you have a very complicated set up. I have a few tips on making your bed look beautiful without taking up your morning loading on all the pillows you kicked off it the night before. 

1. Make sure your sheets are tucked in tight at the bottom of your bed. This way you aren't re-tucking your sheets every morning.

2. As you can see from my bed, I have a coverlet, for me this top layer covers all the messy lengths of things underneath. If my duvet is longer on one side, and my sheets aren't completely tucked in all round by bed, you can't tell! This is a time saving piece and I love the way it looks. 

3. Hide the pillows you actually sleep on under the coverlet. It is really hard to make your bed look pulled together when you can see your favorite old lumpy pillow. No matter what it looks sloppy.

4. EURO pillows! I have a king size bed so 3 Euro pillows are perfect for this size bed. If you have a queen or double bed I would probably just have two Euros. But here's the thing. If you have 3 Euros that's great because it's an odd number. If you only have two Euros then you need to have 3 smaller pillows in front. The idea with throw pillows is that you want an odd amount. So 3 big Euros, 2 small or 2 Euros and 3 small in front.

5. Leave off any other pillows, no lumbar pillows, no round pillows, etc. KEEP IT SIMPLE! 

6. A pretty throw at the end of your bed always looks nice but I don't have the patience for one more thing to take off my bed before I go to sleep! 

I hope this helps keep your bedroom stylish without all the hassle! xxC