Krazy For Kimonos

The kimono trend seems to be continuing for the hotter summer months and I am THRILLED!! If you haven't tried this cardigan-scarf like-open shirt-hybrid, you are missing out. It's a great option for throwing over tank dresses, sprucing up your basic jeans and tee outfit or layering over your swimsuit at the beach. I recently packed one for a desert getaway and literally wore it a different way every day. I even belted it like a wrap dress when all my other "cute" outfits failed me. Colleen and I favor the floral printed beauties in the pics above but if that's not your thing, try a basic black or classic tan to start. Use it like you would your trusty boyfriend cardigan. I like to throw my lightweight blue and white kimono in my bag before braving the extreme AC at the movies with the kids. Pro Tip: If you are petite and feel like you are drowning in excess fabric, try knotting the sides up for a little less drape. 

I've linked a few of my current faves below.

Happy Shopping. xo-M.