M&C 2.0

A successful business is always evolving. C and I have debated for awhile about how we want to grow and what our evolution looks like. As the first anniversary of M&C approaches, we are starting to really hone in on our style aesthetic, we feel like we are getting to know our customer and what they like better and better as well as discovering what we like and excel at within M&C both as individuals and as partners. So what's next? We are going brick and mortar!! We are hard at work building M&C Studio! This will allow us to expand our inventory and allow you all greater accessibility to the product. You can come by, sip and shop, and touch and feel and try on!! This space will also allow us to expand our design services. We will be posting our progress here and on our instagram page (@thisisuscollective) and we hope you will follow along with us on this exciting journey! 



Mindy VagenasComment